A Map to a Place Where Mindfulness Exists and How to Get There

To be mindful, you need to undergo a shift—moving from “this world”* to a dimension where awareness exists. When you happened to be mindful, according to Ven. Yamashita, it did not occur as the result of successful control of your mind, but because of the shift, which happened unnoticed and unintentionally. Without understanding this point,Continue reading “A Map to a Place Where Mindfulness Exists and How to Get There”

Total Surrender, Then the ‘Jump’ Happens

The importance of surrender has been one of the most significant themes in religious discussions. But what does it mean to surrender? And what is it to surrender in the context of mindfulness practice? Trying to control, and doing things to achieve specific desires, are inherent to our human nature. How can we stop this? Continue reading “Total Surrender, Then the ‘Jump’ Happens”

Are You Ready for Crossing Over? —Three Essential Elements

The truth that the Buddha discovered, referred to as Dimension X in this retreat, does not exist as a continuation of our ordinary mind. Entering it requires a “jump,” which made it extremely difficult to teach. For this jump to happen, you need to be ready–says Ven. Yamashita. According to him, when he sees practitionersContinue reading “Are You Ready for Crossing Over? —Three Essential Elements”

Retreat, Ego, and Dimension X (aka the Other Shore)

When participating in a retreat like ours, the most significant obstacle is not the pain in your leg but your ego. However, attempting to escape from it or suppress it only deepens the entanglement in ego– judgments, hatred, and reactive responses, qualities that are contrary to mindfulness. Then, what should we do? According to Ven.Continue reading “Retreat, Ego, and Dimension X (aka the Other Shore)”

For your mindfulness practice to work

While our suffering can take many forms, we know our mind is the culprit. Mindfulness can bring an end to it,  so we are convinced. However, can meditating with the same mind that causes suffering truly make us mindful?  “NO”. says Ven. Yamashita. In this introductory talk, he teaches that real practice won’t start unlessContinue reading “For your mindfulness practice to work”