One Dharma Method Guided Meditation: Compassion Meditation

Morning sky above Buddha Pada, Kalimpong.

Recorded on the final day of  Me as Blues Sky Retreat in 2023, this podcast includes Compassion Meditation led by Ven. Ryodo Yamashita, Sudhammacara Bhikku. Guidance on posture preparation and a brief Dharma talk on Compassion are also offered at the outset.

Compassion meditation serves as the third part of the One Dharma Meditation Method, following Four Elements Meditation and Subtle Body meditation, aimed at dropping incessant thinking. If you encounter challenges in cultivating compassion, consider practicing the initial two meditation steps, also accessible in the preceding episode of this podcast.

The One Dharma Meditation method intricately combines the worldview of Mahayana, particularly Zen, with meditation techniques that were passed down for more than two thousand years in the Southern (Theravada) tradition. To practice it with a clear understanding of the context and rationale behind this method, we recommend listening to Ven. Yamashita’s other Dharma talks.

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