Here you can practice guided meditation with the latest One Dharma Method instruction.

View of the Pacific ocean from the Inamuragasaki Beach, Kamakura, Japan

The recording includes:

  1. Short introductory Dharma talk (about 16 minutes)
  2. Focusing on felt senses-entering your body (preparatory practice for subtle body meditation)
  3. Belly ana-pana sati (preparatory practice for subtle body meditation)
  4. Subtle body meditation
  5. Compassion meditation
  6. Ana-pana sati

This guided meditation was recorded on the last day of the International Retreat 2018 at the Deer Park Institute, Bir, HP, India.

The most important thing is to stay with the calmness, kindness, or peace you felt while practicing compassion meditation. If you find yourself strayed away from it during the day, please come back and practice meditation again.

Ven. Ryodo Yamashita upon concluding mediation instruction at the Sep 2020 retreat, Kamaura, Japan

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