Total Surrender, Then the ‘Jump’ Happens

The importance of surrender has been one of the most significant themes in religious discussions. But what does it mean to surrender? And what is it to surrender in the context of mindfulness practice? Trying to control, and doing things to achieve specific desires, are inherent to our human nature. How can we stop this? 

According to Ven. Yamashita, surrender occurs when you realize, through wholeheartedly trying to be mindful but to no avail, that your mind is helpless in becoming mindful. When your mind is ‘defeated’ like this and surrenders unconditionally, a different dimension, in which you are mindful, opens up. That is why surrendering totally is a crucial step.

This is the Dharma talk from the 4th day of Me as Blue Sky Retreat held in September 2023. In the question-and-answer session, several questions are raised including: Is surrendering the same as acceptance?, How do we surrender? etc.

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