For your mindfulness practice to work

While our suffering can take many forms, we know our mind is the culprit. Mindfulness can bring an end to it,  so we are convinced. However, can meditating with the same mind that causes suffering truly make us mindful? 

“NO”. says Ven. Yamashita. In this introductory talk, he teaches that real practice won’t start unless you realize this fundamental dead-end, the helplessness that there is nothing you—your ordinary mind— can do for you to be mindful. Only when your ordinary mind surrenders, what makes mindfulness possible begin to reveal itself. Let’s call it “Dimension X” for the time being and explore its historical background in the context of Buddhism. 

This is the first Dharma Talk from Me as Blue Sky retreat held in September 2023. The talk is followed by a question and answer session. 

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