Are You Ready for Crossing Over? —Three Essential Elements

The truth that the Buddha discovered, referred to as Dimension X in this retreat, does not exist as a continuation of our ordinary mind. Entering it requires a “jump,” which made it extremely difficult to teach. For this jump to happen, you need to be ready–says Ven. Yamashita. According to him, when he sees practitioners who meet the following three criteria, he considers them ready for the jump to happen. First, they must acknowledge that their mind is the cause of suffering. Second, they need to realize that their ordinary mind cannot prevent itself from causing suffering. Third, they must have absolute trust in the dimension they are jumping into. These three elements must be realized through students’ own experience, not just intellectual understanding.

This is the Dharma talk delivered on the 3rd day of Me as Blue Sky Retreat held in September 2023. As always, the talk is followed by a lively question-and-answer session. The questions include “How do you know you touched Dimension X?”, “Is being in Dimension X like being in love?”, “Is it possible to slip back into ordinary dimension after touching Dimension X?” and more.

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