Real Medicine

12/21/13  AM,   Goa,  India From this talk:  “With your new identity you cannot have any negativity. This and compassion are the same. No negative emotion can survive in the dimension of compassion.” Topics covered include: Real medicine, the new dimension, the difference between ego and monkey mind, the right tool for meditation, and overcomingContinue reading “Real Medicine”

Beyond Traditions

12/28/12   Goa, India From this talk: “You don’t have to become a so-called Buddhist. You don’t have to become a member of such and such an organization. You can always start with you.” Topics covered include the similarity between Zen and early Buddhism, conflicts between religious traditions, ancient methods and modern people, the unity ofContinue reading “Beyond Traditions”

Body in the Body

12/27/12  pt.3 Goa, India From this talk: “If you want to feel inside the body, you really have to let go of thinking mind.” A brief talk followed by “inner body awareness meditation” instructions. This is the first part of Yamashita-sensei’s “One Dharma Method.” This will be the last podcast of 2014. Thank you forContinue reading “Body in the Body”

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