2013 Korean Retreat, Day 1

8/31/13  Henson-so, Mungyeong, Korea


English / Korean

Topics covered include: Confusion with different traditions and meditation techniques, clarifying vipassana and mindfulness, Blue Sky Meditation and Blue Sky Yoga, and the retreat schedule.

A Change of Identity

6/30/13   Hualien, Taiwan – Day 3

English / Mandarin

Early morning Yoga, Hua-Lien, Taiwan

From this talk: “Your identity is changing. You are White Clouds. But now you know, you are also Blue Sky.”

Topics covered include: confusion with words of enlightened teachers, just sitting, view from the new dimension, and practical advice for applying meditation in daily life.

The Power of Acceptance

6/28/13   Hualien, Taiwan – Day 1

English / Mandarin

Meditation Hall, Hua-Lien, Taiwan

From this talk: “Observing things as they are, it means observing things with acceptance.”

Topics covered include: Likes and dislikes, objective observation, acceptance, and the fundamental mistake.

Beyond Traditions

12/28/12   Goa, India

From this talk: “You don’t have to become a so-called Buddhist. You don’t have to become a member of such and such an organization. You can always start with you.”

Topics covered include the similarity between Zen and early Buddhism, conflicts between religious traditions, ancient methods and modern people, the unity of old and new identity, and form and formlessness.

Body in the Body

12/27/12  pt.3 Goa, India

From this talk: “If you want to feel inside the body, you really have to let go of thinking mind.”

A brief talk followed by “inner body awareness meditation” instructions. This is the first part of Yamashita-sensei’s “One Dharma Method.”

This will be the last podcast of 2014. Thank you for all your support and see you again in the new year.

Compassion and the Ego

12/27/12  Goa, India

From this talk: “The purpose of compassion meditation is how to have a relationship based on compassion with [everybody].”

Topics covered include: Real freedom, some benefits of meditation, mindful eating, mindfulness in everyday life, and compassion.

Who is Mindful?

12/27/12  pt.2  Goa, India

From this talk: “If you can improve your relationship with family members, then you can be called a good practitioner.”

Topics covered include: Tich Nhat Hanh, the importance of practicing with others, the anapanasati sutta, and the four foundations of mindfulness

Just Say Yes

12/28/12   Goa, India

From this talk: “Just saying yes to your present situation, finally your dissatisfaction has ended…that is the meaning of staying in the present moment.”

Topics covered include: habitual tendencies, freedom from external circumstances, contentment with the present moment, and the difference between “no” and “yes.”

Contentment With the Present Moment

12/08/12   Bir, Himachal Pradesh, India

From this talk: “[Desire] means you are saying “no” to your present state. But now you said “yes.” You are content. That’s why your desire will disappear.”

Topics covered include subtle consciousness, the problem of dulling yourself down, desire, and leaving the world of thinking mind. With a question and answer period at the end.