Why subtle body meditation?

December 5th, 2018, Pune, India

Dharma Talk (somehow we do not have Dharma talk photo of 2018. This is from 2019 Vajradhatu Retreat)

This is the introductory Dharma Talk given on the 1st day of 2018 Mindfulness and Zen retreat at Vajradhatu, Pune, India.

In this talk, Ven. Yamashita explains the reason why we need subtle body meditation, which is the first part of the One Dharma Method. Subtle body meditation is an “exit’ from our mind-maid stories that we call “suffering”. How so?

Topics covered include: the reason why mindfulness is so difficult (spoiler alert: because it is impossible), our double-structured nature, the difference between ordinary knowing and mindful knowing, how we cross to the other shore, and so on.

The talk is followed by a question and answer session. Questions are difficult to hear, but you can hear it in the teacher’s answer.

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