Meditation for Humanity


From this talk: “Meditation’s not a personal thing humanity itself, we should meditate to advance one step further. It means from the world of thinking mind. Now everywhere…we are already reaching the limit…[there are] so many environmental problems, so many psychological problems. So now humanity, as a race, we are already reaching some kind of dead end. But I think it’s very good. Extremely good. Why? Because if we reach a dead end, it means, a dead end of one stage. The dead end of thinking mind…Now we can say goodbye to all of these kinds of things. We can only say goodbye when things don’t work well. .”

Topics covered include the truth the Japanese discovered after the great 2011 earthquake and tsunami, attachment to thinking mind, and form and formlessness..

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(This episode’s photo was taken 3 June, 2015 at Soma in Fukushima, Japan. Yamashita-sensei and a group of retreat participants held a walking meditation ceremony on the coastline in memory of the tsunami victims of March 11, 2011.)


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