Compassion Meditation (Part 2) and Anapanasati

This week we present the final section of  Yamashita-sensei’s  One Dharma Meditation Method.  This is also a guided meditation. We’ll pick up with Dharma talks from the 2013 Korean retreat next week.

Here Yamashita-sensei introduces two more approaches to Compassion Meditation (慈悲瞑想、jihi-meisou, in Japanese). In the One Dharma Method compassion is practiced after Inner Body Meditation , once the thinking mind has settled down.  The appearance of compassion is considered a clear sign that one has entered the “Blue Sky” of awareness and the first compassion meditation is a traditional means of cultivating this quality.

The two sections of this week’s compassion meditation should only be practiced in conjunction with the first part. In other words, Compassion Part 2 should not be practiced unless compassion has already been established through Compassion Part 1 (for reasons Yamashita-sensei mentions in the podcast).

The final part of this podcast is the guided meditation for anapanasati, or breath awareness. Following the One Dharma Method, this object of meditation is taken up last.

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Retreat in Goa, 2013

Retreat in Goa, 2013