The One Dharma International Sangha

Hello,  And thank you to all those who have been listening to Yamashita sensei’s Dharma talks via the podcast or shown other interest in One Dharma International. Today we’re happy to announce the creation of the One Dharma International Sangha via Google Communities. It’s a private community so you’ll need to request to join if interested.

There members can:

-learn more about Yamashita Sensei, Buddhism 3.0, and the One Dharma Method

-discuss meditation and other areas of practice

– discuss the Dharma Talks from the One Dharma International Podcast

-support each other in their practices

And probably a lot more.

Your ideas for the Sangha, this page, the podcast, and whatever else is to come will help direct the future of this Online Sangha. So if you feel it’s right for you, please join us in building a real global Sangha for the 21st century.

If you do request membership please tell us a just little bit about how you learned of One Dharma International and why you’d like to join.

We look forward to practicing with you.


One Dharma International

The new Community is at:

After the Retreat

12/9/13  Deer Park, Himachal Pradesh,  India

From this talk:  “Little by little you enter into the dimension of the Blue Sky. Then, standing in the Blue Sky, finally you can deal with the white clouds. Your thought, your emotion. Everything.”

Topics covered include: Thinking addiction, dysfunctional relationships, clouds of anxiety and attraction, and the view from the Blue Sky .

Walking Meditation

Walking Meditation

The Blue Sky

12/7/13  Deer Park, Himachal Pradesh,  India

From this talk:  “ We have clouds, but at the same time our essence is Blue Sky. So when can we enter the Blue Sky? Any time we realize it.”

Topics covered include: Real happiness, the secret of mindfulness, the essential point of observation, Blue Sky and the world of clouds, and Engaged Buddhism.

Note: Questions from the Q&A at the end may be difficult to hear, but the content is clear from the answers. Also, a video on the “Blue sky and clouds” topic  from a 2012 talk in Japan called “Healing Power” is available on the New and News page.

Himalayas, Deer Park Center, UP

Himalayas, Deer Park Center, UP